The Structure and Duties of the Court


There is sufficient number of Rapporteur Judges in the Court.

In order to be assigned as  a Rapporteur at the Court, one shall have one of the following qualities:

a) To be a judicial or an administrative judge or a prosecutor or a Supreme Court of Accounts auditor, chief auditor or a specialist auditor who has worked with success in his/her profession for at least five years,

b) To be research assistants at the law, economy or political sciences departments of higher education institutions who have completed their studies as associate professors, assistant associate professors or their doctoral studies.

c) To be an Assistant Rapporteur who has worked, with the exception of the duration of candidacy, successfully for at least five years.

Rapporteurs shall be accountable, administratively, to the President and they shall perform their duties in compliance with the tenure of judges.

The unit called as the “Plenary Rapporteurs” assists the Plenary.

The department named “Commission Rapporteurs” comprises sufficient number of Rapporteur Judges and administrative staff to assist the commissions in performing their duties.

The department named “Section Rapporteurs” serves the Sections. This department also consists of sufficient number of Rapporteur Judges and administrative staff.

“Research and Case-Law Unit” is established with the Internal Regulations of the Court. This department assists the Sections in terms of development and consistency of case-laws.