The Structure and Duties of the Court

General Secretariat

Duties of the Secretary General and Deputies Secretary General are regulated by Article 23 of the Law on the establishment of the Court.

(1) A General Secretariat office is organized under the Presidency of the Court. Rules of procedures of the units attached to the General Secretariat are regulated with the directive to be issued by the Presidency.  

(2) The Secretary General is appointed by the President from among the Rapporteur Judges. In absence of the Secretary General, a Deputy Secretary General is appointed by her/him to act on her/his behalf.

(3) The Secretary General is in charge and entitled to the following tasks under the supervision of the President:

a. Registration of applications,

b. Administrative organization of the Plenary and Section’s sessions,

c. Automation and archiving of judgements and reports,

ç. Correspondences of the Court,

d. Supervision of the execution of the Judgments of the Court,

e. Spending of the budget and informing the President on this subject,

f. Handling corporate, scientific, administrative, financial and technical work of the Court,

g. Regulation of the protocol tasks,

ğ. Deployment and management of staff,

h. Performing other tasks assigned by the President in the frame of the Law, the Internal Regulation of the Court and directive.

(4) Three Deputies Secretary General are appointed by the President from among the Rapporteur Judges. Division of duties of the Deputies Secretary General are described in the directive.