Structure and Decision Making

There shall be two Sections of the Court in order to examine individual applications and such Sections shall be composed of the members except for the President of the Court. Each Section shall consist of six members and a vice-president. These sections shall be named “The First Section” and “The Second Section”.

The members of the Section, except for the Vice-Presidents, shall be designated by the President taking into account their origin of appointment to the Court and a balanced distribution among the Sections. The Section of a member may be changed by the President upon the relevant member’s request or proposal by one of the Vice-Presidents.

Each Section convenes with four members under the chair of a vice-president. In absence of the Vice-President, the most senior member shall chair the meeting of the Section. In order to determine the formation of the Section, all members in that Section except for the Vice-President shall be listed according to their seniority. The first month’s meetings shall be attended by the Vice-President and four members of highest seniority. In the following months, it shall be ensured that each member who has not participated in the meetings serves in rotation according to their seniority ranking starting with the most senior member. The President of the Section shall prepare a list demonstrating the schedule for this rotation at the beginning of each year. If a new member joins the Section, the President of the Section shall make the necessary arrangement accordingly. The lists shall be announced to the members.

If a Section fails to achieve the quorum for meeting, the President of the Section shall assign the members from within the Section who do not participate in the meetings to participate in the meeting according to seniority ranking. If this is not possible, then the President of the Court shall assign members from the other Section upon the proposal of the President of Section.