Constitutionality review

The Plenary of the Constitutional Court exercises constitutionality review in terms of form or substance of the laws, Presidential-decrees and the Rules of Procedure of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. The Court may review Constitutional amendments, only in terms of their form. For more information please click-here.

Individual Application

Individual Application is dealt with the Sections and Commissions of the Court. Nevertheless the Plenary plays a role as to settle case-law divergences between Sections and as to conclude applications referred by Sections.

Duties of the Supreme Criminal Tribunal

The Constitutional Court tries, in the capacity of the Supreme Criminal Tribunal, the President of the Republic, the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the vice-presidents, ministers, the Presidents and Justices of the Constitutional Court, Court of Cassation and Council of State, the Chief Prosecutors, the Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the Republic, the President and members of the Council of Judges and the Supreme Court of Accounts for offences regarding their duties. The Chief of General Staff and Commanders of the Army, Navy and the Air Forces are also tried for offences regarding their duties in front of the Supreme Criminal Tribunal.

The role of prosecutor belong to the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic and the Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the Republic in the proceedings of the Supreme Criminal Tribunal’s proceedings.

Action for Dissolution of a Political Party

The cases for dissolution of political parties is also adjudicated by the Constitutional Court upon the request of the General Prosecution Office of the Court of Cassation. The Constitutional Court may decide for dissolution or decide the concerned party to be deprived of state aid wholly or partly depending on intensity of the complained actions.

Financial Audit of the Political Parties

The financial audit of political parties is carried out by the Constitutional Court. The Constitutional Court shall be assisted by the Court of Accounts in performing this task.

Appeals against Parliament Decisions to Lift Parliamentary Immunity or to End Membership to Parliament

If the parliamentary immunity of a deputy has been lifted or if the loss of membership has been decided according to specified provisions of the Constitution, the deputy in question or another deputy may, within seven days from the date of the decision, appeal to the Constitutional Court. The Constitutional Court shall make the final decision on the appeal within fifteen days.