Born on 3 October 1969 in Malatya.

B.A. degree, Faculty of Law, Ankara University, 1994.

Candidate Judge in Elazığ, 1995.

Judge in Denizli (Buldan), 1998; Judge in Eskişehir-Han, Adıyaman-Gölbaşı (at cadastral courts, civil courts of peace,  criminal courts of first instance) respectively.

Judge at the Assize Court (the competent court specified in Article 250 of the Turkish Criminal Procedure Code) in Diyarbakır, 2006.

Chairman of the Justice Commission for Judicial Courts and President of the 1st Assize Court in Diyarbakır, 2010 – 2012.

President of the 4th Assize Court in Adana, 2012.

Deputy Undersecretary; Chairman of the Commission on Examination of the State of Emergency Procedures, 2017.

Undersecretary, Ministry of Justice, 2017 – 2018.

Vice-Minister of Justice, 2018.

Judge of the Constitutional Court since 6 July 2019.