Paylaş | 09 September 2023

On the occasion of the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an International Conference themed “Constitutional Justice: Dignity, Freedom and Justice for All” was held in Astana on 7-8 September 2023.

The President of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Türkiye, Mr. Zühtü Arslan, who is also the term President of the TÜRK-AY, participated in the conference.
The Presidents of the member constitutional courts of the TÜRK-AY met on 8 September 2023 for a working group meeting in the framework of the International Conference.

TÜRK-AY Members exchanged views on the internship of the staff of the member courts in the Turkish Constitutional Court, the publication of the decisions of the member courts on the website of TÜRK-AY and on other activities to enhance cooperation. At the end of the meeting, having adopted TURK-AY Statute with an online participation on 24 December 2022, the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Kazakhstan signed the Statute.