The Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions of Africa


On 7-8 May 2011, the Constitutional Courts/Councils and equivalent institutions in Africa held “the Constitutive Congress of the African Area of Constitutional Justice” in Algiers, Algeria. During the Constitutive Congress, the participants examined and adopted “the Statute of the Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions of Africa” and proceeded to the election of the first Executive Bureau and the Secretary General. The Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions of Africa (CCJA) was thereby established and the headquarters of the general secretariat was set in Algiers.

The CCJA holds a Congress every two years. Since its creation, five Congresses have been held respectively in Algiers/Algeria (2011), Cotonou/Benin (2013), Libreville/Gabon (2015) and Cape Town/South Africa (2017) Luanda/Angola (2019).

In order to promote constitutional justice in Africa and to promote the exchange of experiences, the CCJA holds an international seminar between two Congresses. The first seminar took place in Cotonou in 2013 on the theme: “the constitutional judge and the political power”. The second seminar was held in Algiers in 2017 on the theme of “the access of individuals to constitutional justice”.

The Constitutional Court of Turkey acquired the status of observer to the CCJA on 5 October 2017.

The 5th Congress

The 5th Congress of the CCJA was organized in Luanda, Angola on 9-13 June 2019. The President of the Turkish Constitutional Court Mr. Zühtü Arslan and the accompanying delegation participated in the Congress. Mr. Arslan delivered a speech titled “Role of the Turkish Constitutional Court in the Protection of Human Rights”.

Also addressing to the participants at the closing session on behalf of the Association of Asian Constitutional Courts and Equivalent Institutions, President Mr. Arslan pointed out the significant role of the cooperation between regional institutions and constitutional courts.