Membership To International Organizations

Membership To International Organizations

During 2nd Judicial Conference of Constitutional and Supreme Courts/Councils of the OIC Member States/Observer States held in Bandung, Indonesia on 15-17 September 2021, it was agreed to establish a new platform under the name of “Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions of the Islamic World (CCJ-I)”.

At the Conference held with the participation of 38 countries in total, Turkey was represented by the President of the Constitutional Court Mr. Zühtü Arslan and the Chief Rapporteur-Judge Mr. Murat Azaklı. During the Plenary Meeting held following the Conference and chaired by President Arslan, the “Bandung Declaration” was unanimously adopted.

It was also decided at the plenary meeting that the initial (inaugural) congress of the Conference, envisaged to be established through the “Istanbul Declaration” adopted in 2018, be held in Istanbul in 2022 and the necessary steps be taken for the completion of the establishment process.

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Inaugural Congress of the Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions of the Islamic World, which was addressed to the higher jurisdictions of the Islamic countries, started on 23 December 2022 at the Dolmabahçe Palace, İstanbul. During his speech, President Arslan stressed that the constitutional jurisdiction mainly served to safeguard fundamental rights and freedoms by ensuring the supremacy of the constitution and also noted that the full and proper fulfilment of this function was conditional upon the realisation of constitutional principles and values such as justice, equality, freedom, rule of law and separation of powers enshrined in constitutions. Ending his speech, President Arslan laid emphasis on the significance of the cooperation and the exchange of experience among constitutional courts undertaking duties of a similar nature and higher judicial bodies conducting constitutionality review and expressed his belief that the Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions of the Islamic World offered a unique opportunity in this respect.

Among the participants attending the Congress were presidents, heads and representatives of 32 constitutional and higher courts from the Islamic world as well as of the respective international institutions exercising constitutional jurisdiction. During the Congress, it was recalled, referring to the İstanbul Declaration of 15 December 2018 and the Bandung Declaration of 17 September 2021, that an official and independent judicial platform be established for the constitutional jurisdictions of the Islamic world. The draft Statute prepared by the Working Committee, which was authorised by the Bandung Declaration, was also adopted upon deliberations, thereby the Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions of the Islamic World was officially established. Following the signing ceremony of the Statute, the İstanbul Declaration proclaiming the official establishment of the CCJ-I was read out by Justice of the Turkish Constitutional Court Mr. Engin Yıldırım.